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Rossi is a fully qualified Assistance Dog thanks to support from Dog A.I.D.


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the Golden Retriever


Rossi the Blood Donor

Well it started like a normal trip to the vets. Well not quite, as it wasn't our usual vet and there was nothing wrong with Rossi either. So after saying who we were at reception, it was a short bit of paperwork and a chat with a nurse about what was about to happen. Rossi only had one thing on his mind.... The food and treats he would get for donating his blood to another dog.

After a quick shave of his front paw and a small sample of blood taken, we were taken into the room where Rossi was to donate his blood.  


It took 3 nurses to lift Rossi onto the table as he's a solid lad.  Me being the gentleman, sat there smirking at them all bursting a few blood vessels. Well, in all honesty I would

have liked to have helped, but the table was too high for me in a chair to help. So smirking was my contribution.

Rossi was then gently flipped onto his side (have you ever tried to gently flip an 9 stone  Rottie on its side?!) and then once he was totally relaxed they inserted the needle into his neck and the process began.

The bag containing Rossi's blood was on a scale on the floor so they could measure the amount of blood taken.


After a matter of minutes, Rossi had given his unit of blood and was ready to get off the table.  So yet again the 3 nurses strained to lift Rossi up and lowered him back to the floor.  


Then it was off to the waiting room to be given a treat bag, a fresh bowl of water and a bowl of dog food (all that Rossi was interested in).  Then a bandana (that wouldn't fit around his large neck) and a quick photo of the happy donor.


Rossi can't wait for the next donor session as he wants more food and treats for lying down and being fussed.


A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a fair deal afterwards.

Theodore Roosevelt


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