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Rossi is a fully qualified Assistance Dog thanks to support from Dog A.I.D.

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When everyone else says you can't, determination says,"YES YOU CAN."

Robert M. Hensel

RAF Cosford

Making the most of a lovely summers day, we decided to have a look round the RAF Museum Cosford.  


I haven't been there for over 30 years (wow I sound old) so I imagined it had changed a little.  All I can say is that the museum is amazing!!!  You've got to go there to believe it!


Having a father that served in the RAF during World War II we enjoyed the War Planes displays the most as it's lovely seeing the planes close-up.  Rossi is quite large, but looked tiny next to the planes.


Rossi enjoyed posing in front of the planes.  On a few occasions he was also posing for others people that had never seen a Rottweiler Assistance Dog and wanted photos of him.  We had a chat with a few people telling them what Rossi does for me and how proud I am to have Rossi in my life.


RAF Museum Cosford is free entry too so I will definitely be going again very shortly (and taking a proper camera instead of just my phone).

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