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Rossi is a fully qualified Assistance Dog thanks to support from Dog A.I.D.

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& Wendy 

the Golden Retriever

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An Average Day


While I'm fast asleep, Rossi creeps into the lounge and sleeps on the sofa. Every so often he nips in to the bedroom to keep an eye on me.

Maybe a baby monitor would save Rossi having to get off his comfortable sofa?


Get me up out of bed and then it's shower and breakfast.  While I shower it's raw vegetables, fruit, oats and herbs for breakfast for Rossi.  It is always a race between the pooches to see who demolishes their breakfast first.


Walks around the park and roads.  Meeting a few interesting people and their dogs, plus move the ducks off the footpath as they make a mess thats gets on my handrims and the pooches paws.


Household chores.  Washing up (dog tongues are very useful for this), ironing, dusting (Kato & Wendy have tails that do a wonderful job) plus all the other mundane duties around the home.


Pets As Therapy (Read 2 Dogs) & Bark & Read. We have 90 minutes of fun (fuss and stories), meeting children, adults, chickens, butterflies and worms.  Rossi and I love doing P.A.T. work.


Play in the park, chasing bubbles or chasing a ball.  Plus sniffing loads of interesting trees and posts.

Often meet more doggy friends so we have a wander around with them.


Get ready to go shopping, appointments, hospice/school visits etc...

Rossi loves shopping but I hate it with a vengeance!  He likes the girls at House of Fraser for some reason. He always comes out stinking of perfume!


Dinner time (raw meat, veg and fruit) and maybe a bone as a treat too.


It's grooming time.

Tiger & Figa groom the pooches and in return they get drowned in drool as the pooches clean them back.  


The cats always steal the pooches beds so they all crash in the lounge till bedtime.  It's a few hours of gentle snores and flatulence (from the dogs).


Relaxation followed by games, a walk, a little housework and finding where treats are hidden.

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